Feeling your Dreams

Feeling your Dreams
1 Feeling your Dreams

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When I was a little girl, whenever someone asked me what I would like to be in the future, I answered “A pilot!”
And then everyone laughed at me. This laughter was not because of my childish words; it was because I was a girl. As though girls could not be pilots. However, it was my dream. Whenever an airplane passed above me, I closed my eyes and imagined myself sitting in the cockpit.
And what a great gift I had… that since my childhood I was absorbed in my dreams and lived there. I had the chance to fly… though in my dreams. I closed my eyes and I was above oceans. It was as if I was not in my bed under a short ceiling. What a blessing it was to be able to experience anything before I reached it.
Every day my imaginations made me want to fly. I lived in my dreams, and dreams are but what can be seen. When you deeply believe in something and see it while it is not there yet, that thing will come true.
My dream came true after 20 years. I failed many times to achieve this dream. There was not even a pilot school in our town where I could study aviation. And in the best, if there was a pilot school, it would not admit girls at that time. However, it was my dream. It was mine and it had to come true… It was time for me to forsake my room and fly over the skies. It was then that a pilot got in my way; a pilot who trained regardless of gender and university classes.
And then I achieved my dream for the first time inside a cockpit. I received hours of training, and this time I really flew above the skies. Now I am a woman who can pilot a giant plane for hours and from that height wave at those who one day laughed at her dream.

Release Date
June 10, 2019
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