The Glory of Rain

The Glory of Rain
1 The Glory of Rain

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Imagine if you were never allowed to walk in the rain, how much did you miss getting wet in the rain?
Is not it strange that the smallest raindrops fill the biggest holes? And what power they gain when they join hands and come together.
I remember once it rained suddenly, I did not have an umbrella. I grumbled a little about why I should get wet in the rain, and I envied people who had umbrellas. But when the rain covered my whole being, I realized that the umbrella is the most nonsensical human invention. Why should you be afraid of getting wet at all? Can you love the rain and not let it touch you?
Lucky me that tasted getting wet in the rain. It was worth the next cough. Everything else is made with a cup of coffee and tea, but the pleasure of getting wet in the rain stays with you forever.
If you want to understand the glory of rain, do not let the umbrella get in the way! Do not be like others who just enjoy watching the rain. To know anything, you have to feel it deeply. The glory of the rain can not be seen only with the eyes, you have to touch it.

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April 12, 2021

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The Glory of Rain

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