Green City

Green City
1 Green City

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I want it to be a place where time stands still! Like when we were younger. When we played from morning till night and again, we brought extra time.
It was me, Betty and John! And a farm that was like a city to us. Green city.
Every morning the smell of damp soil and dew sitting on the grass could be inhaled from the window of the room. I would wake up to the bells of the cows grazing and rub my eyes to see the cows passing through the window.
I waved at the cows from a distance, and the cows turned their tails in the air. As if to greet me with their tails.
Betty, John and I set out to plant a tree. We wanted our city to be greener. Although we got into a fight over naming the tree and we were angry for a few days, the tree was planted.
When I returned to the city today, there was grass all over the place as before, but it seemed that the city had become smaller. The green wheats, waiting for the sun to turn golden, danced wavy with every wind. I also danced next to these dancing wheats, remembering my childhood. My eyes were closed and I was in my mood when a big tree in front of me turned green (appeared). The tree that was two or three times as tall as me was the same tree that Betty, John and I planted together. It was strange that Betty, John and I had bleached our hair, but it was still green here.

Release Date
August 12, 2021
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