1 Sweetheart

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And what can you find greater than love? Look at the universe! The whole universe was created with love. God created love to be a reason for life. And God created you to be a reason for me to breathe. My lover may not believe you, but I talked to you years before I saw you. I lived in the arms for many years before I was hugged.
Even one day when I was in a very bad mood and living in despair, I wrote a letter to God to make this imaginary embrace comes true. I wrote from your smile. From blue eyes and a pure heart! I asked God for you and you were in my way in less than a month. And with a smile whose memory is still alive, you threw me into eternal love. What magic did the pen that wrote you write for me.
My lover, how glad I am that I do not need a pen to talk to you now. How happy I am to sit in front of you every evening and drown in your blue eyes to forget all the tiredness.
Don’t forget to tell everyone about our love story. Let the whole city know how you fell in love with me. Maybe they also wanted to hold a pen and turn their imagination into reality.

Release Date
July 10, 2019
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