The Road of Life

The Road of Life
1 The Road of Life

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The road to life may not be always smooth! Sometimes it looks like a twist in the hair of a girl who has just woken up! Disheveled and tied. You have to hold the comb to untie its knots and feel the pain of pulling your hair and take the time to untie the knots one by one. It’s difficult! I know. But when the knots are untied, everything becomes beautiful at once. Then you stand in front of the mirror and look at the stretched springs on your face. All its twists are regular. Do you see? Even seeing it is enjoyable. You forget how painful it was to tidy up this messy hair! So do not be afraid of the rough roads of your life! Go to the end! Like the comb, you pull from the beginning of your hair to the end. Do not worry about it. I promise when you reach the end of the road of your life, you will proudly look at yourself how you crossed the narrowest and most complicated paths, and now you have the beauty of life.

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October 12, 2021

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The Road of Life
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