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Can music ease your anxiety symptoms?

Tuning in to good music induces endorphins in our brains helping us to cope with symptoms of anxiety .

Upbeat music for a highly-intensive workout, Bollywood music for a party, sounds of nature for a yoga session, and slow instrumental music for a good night’s sleep . we prescribe ourselves music all the time.

A tune can make you feel many things—happy, excited, nostalgic, or even heartbroken. Studies show that music engages regions of the brain that include those that affect emotions, cognition, sensation and movement.

In fact, listening to music is considered as a very effective method of procedural support by medical practitioners. Many doctors tend to play music while performing a surgery or even during sessions with their patients, in order to calm the nervous patient as well as to keep their cool. The major reason behind it is the fact that music is believed to induce endorphins–also known as the happy hormones.

Delhi-based clinical psychologist, Dr Bhavna Barmi tells us that: “Today, music treatment is perceived as a compelling treatment for various emotional well-being conditions. It is being utilized routinely in centres, nursing homes, schools, medical clinics, and hospice offices to assist patients with anxiety.” We all occasionally experience anxiety at some points in life and that is deemed to be pretty normal. However, the frequency is higher in those who have anxiety disorders. These people experience intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. As a result of which they also experience repeated episodes of sudden feelings of intense anxiety and terror that escalates in no time panic attacks.