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Different types of guitars

Guitar is kind of string instrument which is the most popular one, but it has wide diversity to cover all musical tastes. In this article we will introduce some guitar types and the features which make them unique.

Acoustic guitars

Acoustic guitars’ bodies are made of wood. They have six metal strings and a sound hole. In acoustic guitars sounds project acoustically and these instruments usages are in blues, rock, country and folk music.

Classical guitar

Classical guitars are similar to acoustic ones, but they are different in some details, for instance, 3 strings of classical guitars are made of nylon and 3 other are of gut. In classical guitars sound holes are smaller Than acoustic guitars and sounds project acoustically as same as acoustic guitars.

Acoustic-electric guitar

Acoustic-electric guitars are exactly equal to acoustic ones. But acoustic-electrics have louder volume due to using microphones, magnetic and pickups.

Bass guitar

Bass guitars have the lowest pitch in guitars family. They are divided in two groups by how they generate sounds. Some of them project acoustically and others  are using electric amplifier as same as electric guitars. The appearance difference of bass guitars from others is their long necks what help to provide bass noises.

Flamenco guitar

Flamenco guitars and classical ones are very alike, but in flamencos tops are thinner and internal bracings are less, so created sounds in flamenco guitars are more gritty than classical guitars.

Electric guitar

Electric guitars bodies are filled, and they use pickups to translate vibrations of its metal made strings to electrical signals, then signals retranslate to sounds by speakers.


Choosing guitar as an instrument can be correct, because the diversity of sounds generated by them can be huge, due to that usage of guitars in different music genres is common, and they can cover all musical tastes.