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History of music

Music footprint can be found in the earliest knowledge about humanity. Rhythms and harmonies are inseparable parts of every man’s life and music is the place where these rhythms can be observed. In the other hand Music is generational bridge and the same language of different generations of people.


According to historians,  indigenous people who lived near canebrakes have been attracted by the wind that blew through the reeds. A spiritual sound came from this process and people who was living nearby took pattern from reeds and built first music instrumental which named flute. The purpose of using flute for pre-history men was the cause of waking nights to protect their selves from dangers.

In the other side the sound was created from wood peckers attracted humans, and they learned how to hit the wood to repeat this sound. They patterned these process to build drums and use it to alarm others that a danger is getting close.

In nations

Legend created believes of people for many years andMusic important part of it. The answer to the question of “ where the music came from? ” for many years depends on what people had faith in. Some of these legends mentioned below.


According to what Greeks have been believed in, when Hermes god of boundaries, roads and travelers was doing excursion in Mediterranean cost, used the horn and leather of cow and turtle shell to create first music instrument which named lyre.


In the Chinese myths, king Haon-Ti ordered to form music taken from sounds of birds and waterfalls.


Japanese legends believed that once upon a time goddess of sun was angry from people and went to her haven, so, men were singing to bring her back in the sky. Today Japanese singing ancient songs in the solar eclipses.



Musics exited before human presence in the world, rhythms and sounds are main part of nature and human only understood how important music is. Knowing the narrative of music in human cultures can help us to understand music better and use it to beatify our lives.