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How to Learn Music ?

Learning music is a great way to develop a fun and relaxing hobby that also stimulates your mind. Whether you’re interested in learning music theory or playing an instrument, music is actually easier to learn than you might think! Once you’ve mastered the basics, all you have to do is practice a little bit of the more complicated stuff every day, until you’ve eventually gotten a pretty good handle of your instrument or music theory!

1Study the musical alphabet.[1] The musical alphabet is made up of only 7 letters (A, B, C, D, E, F, and G), but it’s the basic language that musicians use to write and talk about musical notes. Between these 7 notes there are also 5 other notes that are either sharp or flat. Sharp notes are 1 note higher in pitch than the regular letter that it uses, while flat notes are 1 note lower in pitch.[2]

  • For example, the A-sharp note is slightly higher in pitch than a regular A note.
  • These notes are always in alphabetical order, going from A to G, on any instrument. When you go past the G note, the next note is just another A note and the entire order is repeated.
  • If you play a musical instrument like piano, you can map this alphabet out on your instrument. For instance, memorize where the “C” note is played on the piano and then you’ll also know where C-flat, C-sharp, B, D, A, E, and F are on the opposite sides of the C key.