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What is music therapy?

effect of music on our bodies well known for many years, but what about looking at music as a factor that has healing power? In this article we will have glimpse of music therapy as an alternative medicine.

History of music therapy

For understanding when was music therapy discovered, we must backward to the Aristotle and Plato age, when music used to be treatment for some illnesses. But officially in 20th century music was formed as reliable remedy for WWI wounded soldiers, there for, scientists attracted to the music therapy subject and first music therapy course was established in 1944 Michigan university. Then musictherapy association was founded in 1950 and international music therapy federation has been organizing since 1985.

Music and rehabilitation

Music can be helpful for rehabilitation of the people who are suffering from autism or learning disabilities by stimulation of that part of brain where other noises can’t reach. Rhythmic melodies can develop auditory accuracy, improve attention and finally develop speaking skills.

Methods of music therapy

There are two general methods available for Musictherapy, active and receptive. In receptive way, patients listen to live or recorded music to arouse their emotional and mental reactions. In the other hand playing, singing or dancing is the main part of treatment in active method.


Effect of music on human health have been proven and  specialists believe that it can be helpful in the position of the cure for some brain disabilities and illnesses, so, the music is more than just harmonics sounds that we hear.